74 (5'2 - 6'4)

Want to feel the fish in all of its glory? This is it! Maximum skate but loves to find the barrel. For those that master this board there is an elegance in this ride that is the feel of a by gone era. This is what makes the original fish so popular…….. Paha e lawai'a ana ia oe? Translated- Eh, maybe you go fishin?

Fins - Twin Keel/Quad
- Fish/Fish Wing
- flat/ slight vee out the back

RIP Chip (5'6 - 6'4)

This board offers more surface planing area without sacrificing performance. Designed to excel in small to medium size surf and make summer time conditions a whole lot more interesting.

Fins - Twin/Quad
- Squash Wing
- single to double concave

MINI OLO (5'9 - 7'6”)

A supercharged mini tanker. Really loose with a lot of drive. Requires very little speed to engage it's rail to rail performance. For the better surfer this is a great board when conditions force you to grovel. For the beginner, instead of buying an import and struggling, this lively board will grow with you and really develop your surfing .

Fins - Thruster /Quad
Tail - Squash/ Rd pin/Swallow
- Full Vee


FISH STICK (5'6 - 7'0”)

A modern fish that offers excellent drive and is super responsive. This board has the ability to accelerate and track in the types of waves that normal high performance boards fail to respond to. Versatile! You can't go wrong with this board. Served with rice is ono!

Fins - Tri/Quad
Tail - Double Wing Swallow
- single to double concave


SILVER BULLET (5'9 - 7'4”)

This user friendly high performance board offers more volume and width while maintaining the agility of a high performance board. This board is really well proportioned and is not corky. Releases like a wet bar of soap and flies like a bullet.

Fins- Thruster/Quad
- /Round Pin/Swallow
- single to double concave


Z-GLIDE (6'8 - 8'0)

This Hybrid board is a great compromise between a fun board and a performance board. A little more forward volume helps this board catch waves easily. Exceptional maneuverability and an excellent all around board that can be ridden in a wide variety of surf conditions.

Fins - Thruster/Quad
Tail - Round Pin/Squash/Swallow
- flat entrée-Vee

OLO (7'6” - 10'0)

This is an extremely versatile high performance longboard suitable for a wide range of wave types and surfing styles. Extremely balanced rocker gives this board both glide and maneuverability. A modest rear volume displacement makes this board a good nose rider without the excessive nose width usually associated with nose riding models.

Fins - 2+1/Thruster/Quad
Tail - Squash/Round Pin/Swallow
Bottom - Vee

Converter bottom design available on all models