This design was birthed from Kekoa Cazimero’s request, 2 years ago, for a fun mini board to surf some of the shore breaks near his home. He normally rides a 6’0” for his everyday shortboard, and we decided to shape it at 5’4” long (or rather, 5’4” short). It turned out to be a keeper and we decided to call it the Stubby. The response was so positive that Megan Abubo ordered herself a 4’11” (her normal shortboard is a 5’9”). Surprisingly, we discovered the Stubby was fun in “real waves” and not just 1-2’ shore break.

It’s fast and drivey, and it sticks to your feet since there is not much nose extending past the front foot. The Stubby is designed with a flat deck and angled rails which carry volume out to the rail, so when considering adding a Stubby to your quiver, order it short (6-8” shorter than your everyday shortboard), but only about 1/8” thicker.