The Whip loosely resembles the GX in its outline, but is a completely different animal on the bottom contour. In line with the trend of fuller planshapes, this design doesn’t give up anything in small wave performance surfing. It’s low entry nose rocker is turbo charged with a deep single concave that isn't parabolic like most concaves, but more like an inverted vee. This feature makes the bottom more user friendly.  The concave then transitions into vee at the end of the tail which gives exceptional tail control and directional stability.  

Putting all these aspects together, you get a flatter rocker (speed and drive), and a rail curve with accentuated lift in the tail, enabling the rider to execute fast, full rotational carves in the face.

The Whip is an excellent paddling, high performance short board disguise.

Size this model 1-2” shorter, and 1/8” –  3/8" wider than your conventional short board."